Who I am

I am...

from playing barbies and dress up

tea parties and hide-n- go seek

building pillow forts

playing freeze tag  with my siblings. 

And having family  game night

 monopoly tournaments

to competitive games of go fish. 


I am ...

from hot coco on chilly winter nights

cool lemonade on hot summer days,

smores on cool Autumn starry nights

pool parties and bonfires,

jumping in leaves to catching budding flowers,

fire works in July to the drop of the New Year ball. 


I am...

from church on Sundays

and putting on my best dress clothes

reading my bible 

and listening to christian music.


I am ...

from struggles

overcoming challenges

no matter the difficulity 

from trials and tribulations 

and facing my fears 

to conquering the montsters under the bed.


I am ...

from family talks and arguments

those that make stronger

build relationships

and stregenthen who we are

from trusting eachother

and learning together.


I am...

from Diney movies 

with happy endings

from Halmark movies

that make you cry

from superhero movies 

that have you on the edge of your seat.


I am ...








I am Shelby Nicole Rushing 

and I will not fail

but succeed 

because I am 













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