Who I Am

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 02:39 -- MelGarr

Is who I am,
You cannot find
With five senses.
Of the worlds pain
As my own.
Is me
In a much greater place
Than thee.
So great,
I am so alone.

I wish for someone
Like me
So I can
Help them see
Without five senses,
A simple sway of the trees,
How this sets me free.
The perfect balance
Of shadow and light.
I cry,
But I'm happy.

In such a world
Filled with thoughts
Of only sorrow,
I know
If they only knew
The delicate balance,
These thoughts
would understand.

But this
Is who I am,
My fragile hands
Cannot reach
far from me.
And they all say
I cannot
Save everyone,
But I say
I can try.



In peace with deep thoughts.

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