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I am From Things Gone By
I am from the crumpled paper I let stand.
I am from the pen resting in my hand.
I am from the pondering in my head that does fly.
I am from my lips muttering why.

I am from the paper on my table.
I am from the thinking ‘I am less then capable.’
I am from the anger in my heart.
I am from wondering where to start.

I am from the voices floating around.
I am from my foot bouncing on the ground.
I am from the dragging bracelet clink.
I am from wondering what people will think.

I am from the groups running by.
I am from the will to never let them see me cry.
I am from not sharing what I truly think.
I am from the feeling that I am on the brink.

I am from the wish to change.
I am from the attempt to rearrange.
I am from the excuse of ‘being shy’.
I am from knowing that it is all a lie.

I am from plots standing in a line.
I am from the words wanting to shine.
I am from pages yet to be turned.
I am from the fear of being burned.

I am from the coupes’ happy sigh.
I am from the low after single man’s high.
I am from always wanting more.
I am from the hidden grace of fantasy’s shore.

I am from friendships laughing happily.
I am from the sting of jealousy.
I am from the coveted cliques.
I am from wondering where I stick.

I am from friends gone away.
I am from knowing I should have let things stay.
I am from the pain of loss.
I am from the always bearing that guilty cross.

I am from wishing there was more.
I am from the wish to even the score.
I am from knowing what to do.
I am from the knowledge that I don’t know too.

I am from things gone by.
I am from wondering when I let my life go so awry.

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I literally read this and said, "THIS IS MY LIFE!" lol but seriously I really enjoyed reading this poem outloud. I think it's relatable, not only to me to others. I sure hope all is well with you, great job!

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