Who I Am


Have you ever gotten to know that one child out of the family that chooses to lock themselves inside their room and invent new stories to tell all day? That would be where I began. Within the span of each day, another story is stimulated in my mind and are just waiting to be splattered onto the paper through pictures and dialogue. From the age of eight, this was what I enjoyed the most and could see myself doing for the rest of my life. The great Malcolm X once said "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today".That is the quote that breathes life into my consistent desire to work towards my goal.

          My goal is to be the greatest Mangaka or Japanese comic book artist/author on record. Therefore, as time passed I slowly came out of the shell known as my room and discovered that I possessed a charismatic nature. Of course, I used this to create and maintain bonds with others in order to make them better as well as myself. Then I began to participate in activities that I hoped would aid in perfecting my storyboards' action, creativity, and dialogue which unconsciously dragged me out even further. Every now and again however; I domesticate myself to create even better stories which'll make my readers laugh, cry, love and beg for more.

          At the end of the day, the goal of becoming an almost iconic author remains the same. However now, I am praised for work I personally feel that were not my absolute best.
       True, it isn't right to argue but I feel as though there is a story hidden in the gray outskirts of my black and white mind. That is why I continue to write. My only obstacle to becoming more than a rising star that crashes into the world of comics is myself and, with enough work, even that barrier will be broken. Then I can create a piece that'll satisfy both the audience and the artist.

          No, being the type of person that I am, I'd like to write storyboards that stem even further into the wormhole until the day my creative mind is rendered dead from exhaustion.
       Of course, what would be a more fitting ending for the child who chose to lock himself away inventing new stories all day, raised by his single mother and grandmother, but to rise to greatness? Those who wish to learn more about me are welcome to. However, they'd have to be willing to be apart of my story. That's just who I am...


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