Who He Is

Who He Is, Can't Be Explained

He Is Called Many Names

He Has Given Many The Strength They Need To Proceed,

For The Truth I Speak, His Miracles Have Been Seen.

When A Brother Of Mine, Was Cursed By Cancer,

It Was Him I Turned To, To Seek The Truth.

When I Almost Lost The Fight To Depression,

And Cuts Ran Up And Down My Arms,

It Was Him That Saved Me,

To This Day, It Seems Like Few Of Us Remember What He Gave.

His Biggest Sacrifice, A Man Bearing The Name Jesus Christ.

Some Bash His Name, And Yell It Out In Shame or Disgrace.

And Some Stand Out, Glorifying What He Gave,

Those Like Lecrae.

He Has Many Names,

And Has Done Many Things.

He Is GOD, So Do Not Be Afraid

Instead Embrase What HE Can Do, Taking The Pain Away.



Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great poem

you expanding your ideas

you put tremendous effort when you wrote this piece

keep writing

always speak from the heart

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let's collaborate and write poems together

what do u think about the idea brother?

let's build poems together

S.J. Hernandez

That sounds great, lets give it a shot!


Great poem

S.J. Hernandez

Thanks Bud!

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