Who Is That Girl

She catches my eye as she passes by

My mind begins to think

"Who is that girl I must know. 

She is so mysterious to me."

She looks upset and almost mad

Yet she smiles at all the jokes.

Her hair is straight and plain

No makeup on her face, but

Once again you see two eyes shine bright as 

Her face makes an infinite amount of expression.

My mind goes into a swirl 

As I begin to think,

"Who is that girl I must know

I can never pin her down."

I see her everywhere

Her participation is so unclear. 

This girl is seen holding many objects

Acting like she has used them several times.

There is so much she can do

Whenever there is time.

I can't believe she is this busy

And still keeps up good work.

My mind begins to jumble

As I begin to think,

"Who is that girl I must know.

She keeps fascinating me more."

This girl is smart, funny, caring

Yet she is always found alone.

I wonder if she has friends

That she could call her own.

She's always looking

As if something is wrong.

I am just hoping

Suicide isn't in her thoughts.

My mind begins to blur and tears rolls down my face


"Who is that girl I must know

For her mysterious personality calls to me"

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