Who is a Farmer?

There are farmers of many kinds and types
A teacher that implants the seed of knowledge
In the impressionable minds of his students
Helping to grow them into fine human beings
A scientist that comes out with a great idea
His lab is his farm where he spends his life
Discovering a theory that enriches the world
An enterpreneur working in the workshop
To create a Ferrari,Buggati, Rolls or a Harley
A painter that works in the studio in solitude
Putting emotions and insights on a canvas
To create a Monalisa, Guernica or a Primavera
A poet that immortalises words by his craft
In poetries like The Tiger, Daffodils, Sonnet 18
We'll are farmers ploughing in our chosen field
Creating something precious from nothing
By dint of hard labour and heart we put in
We seldom get rewarded for fruit of our labour
The farmers sitting at Sindhu border aren't lone
Our heart and soul are with them in the battle

This poem is about: 
My country


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