Who became my Demon

Dear Demon,

You know who you are.

You know what you have done to me.

Yet it does not bother you any,


but as for me

trapped in my own mind

when did I become so numb?

Feeling paralyzed


bruised by what has become of me

beaten by what has happened to me

lost in the darkness of the few memories

I remain empty and cold


I became part of the wounded, the broken.

Conditioned to resist, to fear


so unforgettably fragile and beautiful

my body what was once a temple

has now crumbled.

My skin now trembles with fear

fragile bones and lucid fears

a living symptom of sleepless nights


starved by you, Demon

in the depths of my mind

I don't even know you, Demon

yet you took my body and my mind.

What more do you want from me, Demon?


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