Who are you again?

Hello people tell you every now and then

I am just another number in this world

I am just another organism with the same thoughts fluttering in my head

but who are you?

are you just another person to judge my work?

That is all who I am.

I am just another character in the world

With simple needs and simple thoughts

I am a person with bright thoughts and dreams

but who are you again?

you ask me about myself

and here I am writting

I am just another individual

who dreams to go to college

and spend days staring at the sun

Yet, I dare not say

I am a winner

but do not let me fool you

As I have been a loser too

Secretly we are all someone great

but fair enough do not dare to say

Who are you again?

I am! I am! I am!

yet one question remains

who are you again?



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