Who are you?

Sasha fierce is what they call her

Young girls dream of her

They want to BE HER, to live LIKE her, sing LIKE her,

Because indolent minds believe that one is “flawless” with a personality that screams out to young people making their bodies move to the beat of the music, from their heads to their toes.

They can’t stop but to want to know more about her, to be in captured by a mind and spirit that is not yet


If your flawless does it mean you’re all these superficial terms that only try to boost you confidence and to find ones “self”?

Does it mean you need to strut the hallways , and everyone turns , glances only momentarily because your radiant like the sun, your glowing, but  you’re not yet there,


I am flawless because I am determined

I work hard and I want to work even harder until my eyes hurt and my head is killing me but that strive to achieve that keeps me going.

I am flawless because I am curious

I will not settle down and accept the answer given to me. I want to know more and more about what there is to offer in this world not only what is given to me.

I am flawless because I am aware

I know about the world around me. Not the way how the clock turns- tick-tock, but globally. I am not stuck and grounded in one place for the realm surrounding me is going through change and it’s up to me to enhance my awareness. For I am my own person and there is a person out there suffering hardship I do not know about.

I do not sing songs or act in movies. I do not write lyrics for millions of people to sing a lot to or to “tweet” to. I don’t strut in the hallways at school or wear make-up to beautify my natural features.

I am human but I am my own type of flawless

I am me





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