Who Are You?

You seemed to be lost, can you tell me who you are?Your face is familiar, maybe I've seen you without all the scars.That tattoo on your neck, what does it say? “All lives matter” yeah maybe one day.You're a man I can see, can you tell me how…You were a woman, correct? Why the sudden change now?Oh women aren't equal and this is a man world?Yet you've put down people just like you, you know the transgender world?Why is it that some of your citizens are so well received?Is it because the color of their skin is shades lighter than mahogany?I remember you clearly now, it's all coming back.You weren't safe for anyone especially the black.What happened to you? I thought you solved your issues?But I see now while black mothers cry into tissues,That you faked change to gain friends & popularity.You never learned the motto you teached, “That we're all created equal” you never found that dexterity.It's sad to say but I don't know you anymore,I don't understand what all those men and women are fighting for.When they come home you treat them like trash,Whether they are living or just a pile of ash.You've made a mockery of us to the entire planet,The man in your upstairs must be as dense as granite.I want you to know that I rooted for you,I believed in your message until you showed me what's true.So goodbye old friend, I really hope you read this.This is a wake up call America, don't ignore but heed it.

This poem is about: 
My country


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