Who Am I Without Filters

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 10:55 -- Ryharve



                   Day after day people put on their exterior appearance, strap on their mask, and go about life

                   guarding their inner selves. But

Who           are they really?

                   For me, discovering who I truly am has taken me years to unearth. Year after year, I constantly

                   grow, my experiences shaping who I am today. My inquisitive self fosters my thirst for

                   knowledge. Throughout life, learning is inevitable. So every day I embrace it, arms wide open.

                   Still, I am reserved by nature. A night curled up with a good book is a very

                   content night for me. I

Am            not outgoing, and I accept that. How does that work while I’m a hopeless romantic? I couldn’t

                   tell you. No matter, romance is my life. Music, movies, books, it’s all so wonderful. Moments

                   of romance flirt and flutter in my mind all day for all of my days. I live each day in hopes of

                   seeing that spark of true romance, of unconditional love in the world around me.

I                  am who I am after all, a romantic until the end. And if that often means basking in the love

                   and romance, the small deeds that speak volumes, count me in. The perfect romance, is of

                   of course, the ultimate goal. Yes, it’s impossible, and yes, I’ll get depressed at each failure and

                   shortcoming. I just refuse to learn some lessons. In medical terms, they call me depressed and

                   bipolar, which are just layman’s terms for messed up in the head. I prefer to look at myself as

                   beautifully complex instead. Just like everyone can’t be described by a diagnosis or stereotype,

                   neither can I. Everyone is complex beyond measure in their own ways. Whether it be

                   compassion, inquisition, or a mixture of both I love to take the time to run the maze that is

                   an individual. I would love to get to know them, all their quirks and all their “flaws.”

Without      knowledge of each person‘s lowest of lows and highest of highs, how can we say

                   we know them well? Strapping on their shoes isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. And

                   once we have them on it’s a marathon to get to know them, not a sprint. I’m more than happy

                   to run that marathon, to carry them so their feet can rest. To know who they are and why. Ask

                   questions, know the true them.

Filters       hold us back from a truly right society. We aren’t cookie cutter pieces, so let’s not pretend to



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