Who am I? #NoFilter

Who am I? Am I here for a purpose, do I have a duty? Living among 7 billion, in a universe of beauty? Am I a walking clump of cells waiting to go back to the ground? Many dont know the truth, thinking it'll never be found. But I know what and who I am. I did not find out myself, but it was revealerd to me by Beauty:

I am the son of my God. A new creation in Christ.

The image of an invisible God bought at a price.

Chosen and accepted, loved and perfected.

Moved from the dark to the light; to the day from the night.

Desciple of the caprenter, follower of the Nazareene.

I am a Christian

But let me tell you who I was with #NoFilter before Life came and found me:

I was a walking dead, breathing but dead

No purpose or direction, just trying to stay ahead.

It doesnt sound pretty, the truth rarely is

I was the worst of sinners, that no one would miss

But I reseaved a free gift, from heaven came a kiss

God showed His great love for all humankind

by stretcing his arms and dying.

But he didnt stay dead, no His love had no bed

Rising from the dead on the third day.

He His who defines who I am. With #NoFilter ill tell you:

He is I AM. 









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