Who Am I? My thoughts

They say all addiction is the same

 that no matter what, you're always ready to relapse

And it's all you think about even after the time have passed


But the thing is

I'm not only that pain and anguish 

I'm not just what I've done

And although, yes, it's always on the brink of my mind

It is not who I am


I've heard that who you are

are your thoughts

early in the morning,

the dreams you have in the deepest night,

what you eat for breakfast,

what you wonder on the fifth mile of your run

This is who I am


I am the blessing of a new day

and the miracle of the sun


I am the beautiful and ugly dreams

that live in my mind


I am granola always with fruit


I am the joy and wonder of

wow I've just ran five miles


I am the obsession with

living notes ringing with sound


I am the living history

of ancient peoples


I am


that is life in this world

Including that pain


What they don't say is that who you are is not your disorder or addiction



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