Who am I?

I am from the suburbs and

I am unaware of what the city has to offer and how it will shape me


I love to make sure people can trust me in a relationship

I love having other people rely on me


I am very independent to the point where it can become harmful

I am self-driven


I give a lot of myself, my time, and my energy to make others feel comfortable

I give up more than I take in


I am now alone and equally surrounded

I am not comfortable with change


I hate that society pushes me into one category

I hate that everyone gets to see me while I can only experience my reflection


I am not defined by my skin color and

I am not restricted by my race


I allow myself to put up a barrier because I want to but

I allow a select few inside because I need to


I am a robot

I am programmed to follow a certain path


I want to tap into what I am suppressing

I want my subconscious thoughts to be set free


I am stuck on a treadmill but

I am safe


I see history in the buildings around us, the roads we drive on, and in the sidewalks we walk on

I see everything layered with a new beginning with the first beginning still underneath


I am not ready to take risks but

I am ready to open up


I know my ancestors are the people that come before me and

I know that the things to come after us will develop from what we leave behind



I am constantly looking for consistency

I am always looking for the patterns


I come from a family of faith, openness, acceptance, and independence

I come from where my ancestors made mistakes to pave the way so we don’t have to


I am mature

I am free


I believe a huge part of my identity is being kept a secret and I no longer want to be hidden

I believe that every day that I try something new or feel uncomfortable I am changing


I am no longer afraid of chaos

I am developing into somebody new


I have always liked to keep my emotions to myself and

I have always thought that meant I lacked certain feelings but


I am the complete opposite

I am extremely emotional


I realize that something with little to no significance can be extremely important to me but

I realize I lack the ability to express these emotions


I am afraid to be vulnerable

I am afraid to say I don’t know everything


I will build a wall because I am afraid to show weakness but

I will build a ladder so you can climb over


I am happy that I expressed my discomfort with our friendship

I am happy that we are much closer

I am happy you were willing to put in the effort

I am happy you changed


I think I am ready


I am no longer holding back

I am changed 

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