Who Am I?

Who Am I?

It's the lone question every single human breathing on this Earth asks. I have struggled with this question myself. It's a difficult task. 

I have spent hours studying myself looking at the clues in my motions and the motives in my head. 

I thought I would hunger for my in my life, but I found different things instead. 


I am caring, loving, peaceful, and kind.

I am blessed with a creative mind.

I use it. 

I show that even though I am small, I can CONQUER all. 

Being little is not a crime. It is a blessing in disguise. 

It lets me show the world that I am worth listening to.


I am happy. 

I like to bring JOY to people's faces.

No matter what the day is, I embrace it. 

The day that is.

See, I am also very aWkWaRd and mumble at times. 

But my personality is LOUD! 

I like to make a sound, an impact.

I want my name to be heard around and found in the hearts of little children who look up to me,

just like I look up to people now. 


I am talented.

I have determination. 

No matter what my goal is, I will go past it. I will outlast it. 

I am spunky, bubbly, and smart. 

I give my heart in what I say. 

I make jokes with my name.

I am a dreamer. 



This poem is about: 



I love this! The beginning draws me in. 

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Lovely, simply lovely

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