Who Am I?

I am what?

According to others I am a slut

I am forgotten and I am hated

The love from someone I awaited

But that love never came

because all guys say was a game

I reached out to my parents and friends and thought they could surely help me

But they never stopped to realize my reality

Who am I?

I am abused

It wasn't my fault I was a ten year old confused

Then there came the year 

When I drowned everything out in beer

Who am I?

I am nobody 

But I had a plea

To be out of this mess they called life

So I tried to do that with a knife

Who am I?

I am a failure

But I refused to not get a major

I was stuck on this dream

That one day I would surpass the mainstream

Who am I?

I am determined 

I would no longer live predetermined

I would surprise them

To show them I am not what others say because I have overcome

Who am I?

I am stubborn

And I will no longer walk into school and shudder

Now I am close to my end year

Then I will move on to my career

Who am I? 

I am strong-willed






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My family
My community
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