Who am I

I am a smar but quiet individual                                                                                                                  I'm clear yet cloudy, sure but unsure, simple though complex                                                                   I am a living paradox                                                                                                                                 My mind is a raging temptest of uncertainty and strange thoughts                                                          An enigma is what I am with an blase personality                                                                           Though behind my harmless nature and vacant expresion are twisted images that haunt me daily Though as time progress I've made new discoveries from going in                                              However there are certain depths in my mind that I'll never ever want ot go                                            It is so that i remain lost                                                                                                                         My new goal is to trek the sea of these thoughts                                                                                  And face my darkest desires and fears and win                                                                                     To be at peace with my head clear of premonitions from these demons

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