who am i

Who am I?

Am I defined by my race or pigmentation

Or does my beastly action define my litigation

America America raised upon hate and racism

I love you because you give me fascism

Tell me I’m ruled by class

And I will never be nothing above that

Who am I

I look in the mirror and ask that daily

Am I a product or a differentiation

Who can be the juror of my question

Am I judged by pigmentation

Or is every action I make just a lesson

Will my color determine my consideration

Or does my mind give you enough gratification

I see me through the mirror

But to you

Who am I

In another nation I am a brown skinned American

So why can’t I be that on the soil of my land

Who told u that I’m African

My hair is kinky because my ancestry kin

But I speak the language of my land

Which is southern American

So that’s who I am

My dialect or am i much more than

Who am I

I guess I’m the same as the past

If America was built on racism why my skin label has lasts

Civil rights it’s more than just that

I don't know anyone that’s white or anyone that’s black

We are defined by negatives seen in contact

I am not my peers my color or my class

I am much more than that

Who am I

You must dig deeper into me to know that

I am how I present myself to you

With or without a mask

I am the guy who knows when and how to say that

I am educated beyond educations main act

I am not perfect nor a circus act

But I know who I am and nobody can change that

The labels and statistics can’t rearrange that

I've been labeled my whole life as black

That color alone has determined my past

Never mind let’s just say it’s how I’m expected to act

So who am I

I can’t answer that for you

In 5 more years I probably will be better than you

Don’t get me wrong I expect you to doubt

You want the best for u and won’t do without

But what makes you doubtful

Is it my age or the tone of my mouth

Or maybe you have your own reasons

But I know who I am so I doubt I would doubt

As for you your opinion of me won’t count

For satisfaction I’ll place it on a roll in my house

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


jordan mcduffie

made in retrospect to minorities in USA

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