Who Am I


I am the lonely and unhappy girl, who is always jotting down words. I am the girl who is wondering why she has a complicated life, the girl who is lost and wants to be found. I am the girl lost in the wind, drowning in the rain, blinded by the sun, in danger of the storm. Who am I, I ask... no name for me. Am I worthless, careless, full of loneliness. Am I bitter, selfish, full of heat; hurting over nothing, oh please. I have pain from the roots of my hair to the toes on my feet. Will I find love, anyone that cares, want to feel their warmth even if they're not there. Hope is all I have, tired of dreaming; all this hate and pain got me screaming. Crying inside while smiling out; seeking, looking for help like a scout. Words of the wise, I never seen with my eyes. Everything I hear are nothing but lies.When I close my eyes, all  I see are colors. Dark colors that makes me wonder... Who am I, who am I


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