Who am I?

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:01 -- GM1

As dawn breaks across the sky, 

its colors charm my dismal eyes. 

I sit here, listless, wandering; 

alone, afraid, unsure. 

Who am I?


The question each must ask. 

It strikes terror into some, 

grows pride in others, 

and worst of all,

 reveals the answers to our deepest secrets. 

Who am I? 


Some bury it inside, 

trying to ignore its plaintive cry. 

Some boast loudly, 

reveling in who they are. 

Some shrink in fear, 

knowing the answer to the question, 

but wondering if people really care. 

Some are humble, gracious, kind;

they know the answer, 

and are not afraid to shine. 

Who am I?


The beauty and light of sunrise, 

the serenity of a star-speckled night;

The joy of a meadow, 

the anger of a raging storm, 

the secretive whispers of the summer breeze; 

I feel it all. 


I know the anguish of a forlorn cry, 

the pain of loneliness; 

I understand the shame inside, 

the fear and terror, too. 


The songs of birds fills my heart 

with joy and awe; 

the tender touch, the gentle word, 

floods my heart with love. 


To dance with the trees, 

to sing with the birds, 

to laugh with the trickling stream;

to shine as the morning sun, 

soothe as the soft warm wind, 

and comfort as the downy moss. 


To weep with the falling rain, 

thunder like the roaring waves, 

and be silent like the graceful deer. 


Who am I?

I am unique, special, 

creative, kind;

gentle, loving, gracious, 

resilient, and bold. 

I make mistakes, but am defined, 

not by scars, bruises, and defeat, 

but by every victory I win by being ME. 


As I stare into the sun, 

my eyes light with understanding. 

Peace floods my soul; 

I know who I am. 

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