Who Am I?

As I sat in my chair to wonder why,

I took a moment to think, who am I?

I look back and it was not hard to see,

To view kind of person that i grew up to be.

My name is Ebube, but call me Abe,

You can call me either one, I will still respond the same.

My favorite color is silver, I like cars,

I believe my education and God will take me far.

I like to study, I like to read,

Sometimes a quiet place is all I need.

I love the language French, I admire computers,

It fascinates me how they keep getting newer.

I am Nigerian, I am left-handed,

I have a mom and dad to help me when I am stranded.

I get along with my siblings, I want to be successful,

I've been working really hard in school even though it is stressful.

I like staying indoors, I like going outside,

Both are good places for me to relax and hide.

I have a secret passion for poetry, I am a poet,

I can make rhymes on the spot before anyone else knows it.

I know for a fact that I will change,

As the world revolves, things will never be the same.

However, I am taking the time to develop and grow,

Under God's wing will I find the best way to go.

As I sat in my chair to wonder why,

I took a moment to think, who am I?


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