Who Am I


Who am I?
I don't have a full comprehension 
But living this long,
And becoming this strong,
From the hardships I've faced,
The sorrows I've embraced,
The heartaches I've suppressed,
My home that's in debt,
Of happiness and finance and everything you can think.
I am not a pessimist,
Full of rage and resentment carried deep within.

I'm African
To be bold, strong, fierce, exotic, filled with wisdom and astonishing beauty, is embedded in my DNA 
I am not the savage Conrad speaks of 
I am not the malnourished soul you pity.
I am not the naked scavenger, hut living animal you mistreat.
I am not your preconceived notions of oppression and misery.
I am not imbued with impudence 

I am fierce and full of life beyond measure.
I am a rare beauty of life that is treasured.
I come from the land of diamonds and gold and honey and milk,
Of colorful Kente, Ankara, Lace and Silk.
I am July’s sweltering heat and December’s rainy days.
I am the confidence of my voluptuous curves behind the way my hips sway.
I am the descendant of kings and queens
with valued authority, which knows no boundaries.

But because you’re not on my land, on my turf,
You have the ability to disrespect me.
You may call me names, 
Disrespect the suffering and legacy of my ancestors 
Belittle me to the point that I question my own heritage 
But deep down we both have the understanding that you will always yearn to be like me

To have the copious shades of people,
The diversity in language, 
The distinction in tradition, 
The various hair textures,

 We all have one thing in common,

 That unifies our Ethiopian brothers with our Naija sisters,

Sudanese mothers with our Ghanaian fathers,

Our Salone Daughters with our Moroccan Sons,
Love for Our land, hope for our future, and our everlasting faith in our God.
I am African.
I am a lover, a fighter, an advocator because I wouldn't hesitate to die for what I love.



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