Who’s to Blame?



It was me

Who, no matter what

Was loving you

I will admit

Sometimes I did not show up

I turned away

In fear and cowardice

But It was me

Who wanted you to be happy

I didn't matter how

Or with who

You were always my first thought

It was me

Who was determined

Once I got you back

You were my salvation

And this time I would not let you go

It was me

Who dived back in

Blind and full of hope

Young and reckless

Prepared to give you

Everything I had and saved

It was you

Who was concerned

With someone other than us

Dealing with emotions

And hurt left behind

It was you

Who was afraid

Of leaving any bad memory

Despite what lay ahead

It was you who

Didn't care to think

Forgetting to block temptation

Blinded by ignorance


It was you who

Made excuses

Carelessly and desperately

Trying to keep it all

It was you who

Was careless

It was you who

Hurt me

It was you who

Forgot me


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