The white room


Trapped up in emotions will she ever get out? Living without fear but still facing doubt. So many things in this world she would love to obtain, going  through so many phases but still trying to remain sane. Love, an intense feeling of deep affection or that kind of love that will give you heart break and rejection, I felt it. Being able to stir up all your emotions and put them in an ocean and sink them to the bottom of the sea, you claim to have no worries but don't your wrist always bleed? No , never me . Cause you see ? That's a trick from the enemy, drag you down to hell but the devil is no friend to me. I bind him up in the name of Jesus . See , the devil will never have my soul cause I'm whole with Christ . Get on on my knees and ask The Lord for traveling mercies as I go out into this crazy world knowing anything could happen to me. I pray for my sanity, my strength and serenity because without the grace of god I probably be down 6 feet. Even though life as we know it is a daily sin I bow my head and pray unto god because it all belongs to him.


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