White Horse

I'm falling in an abyss,
deep, dark, and painful.
Darkness surrounds me.
Misery embodies me.
There's no sign of an end.
Cries of pain, tears of anguish,
All hope is lost.
I'm drowning.
The cold numbness eases the pain
I don’t remember...
I don't remember why I fought this,
this narcotic drug.
The days blur together.
Night becomes day, day becomes night.
The past, obscured, fades into oblivion
eclipsed by the white horse.
Am I breathing?
Lungs clenched tight
Rib cage taut
Throbbing pain in my skull
What's my name?
An icy pain stabs my lungs.
Prisoner,captive,held against my will.
Anguish, muscles tighten,
light dances behind closed lids
muffled noises become clear
And then nothing
no pain, no misery, nothing
Where am I?

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