The White Fairy

High up the sky, there lived a fairy
White beautiful wings which were furry

Spends her time by looking lowers
Green plants with crystal showers

Once she decided to go there
And to enjoy all the fears

Finally she flee towards the land
And there something, she planned

Before she could do something
She saw a bird flapping

Calling for help in a hurry
Saying something to the fairy

The bird was trying to warn her
Because there was a danger

That bird was actually a fairy
She was made a bird by a Jerry

The white fairy decided to help her
And cast a magic spell

The bird changed into a golden fairy
And thanked her to save her from Jerry

In the meantime, Jerry came there
In search of the bird and in fear

After knowing all the matter
He become astonished and totally feared

He ran back to his home
After hit by the storm

The two fairies then went back to sky
Where they can enjoy and fly


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