White “ mans “ world


            It’s kind of hard to point the finger of blame in this situation

            y’all done passed on this perception of humiliation from generation to generation        so it’s like we in a cycle right but no I’m not talking about the cycle that refers to bike. Im talking about that cycle that pertains to life, that cycle that makes white people think just because they adopted a black baby that they can save they life. dear white people I say this out of the most disrespect just because you say your not racist doesn’t mean shit and if I hear that saying my sisters boyfriends cousin is black I’m not racist or my cousins sister in laws boyfriend baby momma is black one more time imma flip shit ,cause you dont understand our struggle it’s like all y’all crackers sticked together and you formed a bubble .  But yet You say we the ones that caused all the trouble .I’m not racist you see right now it’s like we in competition my skin vs your skin  now let’s just see who’s winning.  I’m not racist now according to my calculations your pre judged statement of my our black community is uneducated and retardation. now you see why the statement all lives matter is a protest to my protest and that’s just how I feel ,but y’all can yell out nigger this and nigger that but when a real nigga get mad that’s when you threaten to send us back ,like we was originated for you white Mfckas to think that you can keep us.under proved that the justice center applied to everyone except the ones who’s skin showed color but, I come from a long line of my strong black mothers and I’ll be damned if Rosa parks fought for her seat on the bus just for me to stay undercover. I can’t be profound because the flow of my pronouns makes me realize that maybe i can be the voice of the people who don’t know how .to stand up for what they believe In to walk and speak of the goals they achieved in ,to be free in the streets we been freed in .we fell a victim , we fell a victim to unequal protection of that line that separates the blacks from the whites intersection .we fell a victim to not have the rights to state our opinions .... why you wanna fly back bird you ain’t ever gonna fly ..why you wanna fly black bird you ain’t ever gonna fly .. we fell a victim to not getting the proper education because our legislation was too worried about how many asses sat in them raggedy ass seats then to notice that they were the ones we needed to help our voices be heard we fell a victim to being categorized for the dollar signs behind our names. we fell a victim to being told that we need to learn how to stay in our race but fuck that you need to learn how to mind your fucking business you need to learn that just because you see something different doesn’t mean it makes it bad you need to earn that I’m just as educated as you are as your sister as your mother as your brother you need to learn just because I’m black doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to hold a educated conversation  I call you blasphemous because it is a proven fact that 100.3 percent of me is very Vehemence oh but I’m sorry we’re not supposed to know what that word mean so let me dumb it down for you a little bit PASSIONATE  I am very passionate and I will always VINDICATE ... Im sorry I mean stand up for what I believe in. 


This poem is about: 
Our world



Reminds me of the song "I'm not racist"

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