Whisper to Warrior

Drown me

Until I can no longer breath

Pull me back out

A friend helping another

Just to push me back in

I am losing air

Becoming numb

Waiting for the truth

But all I hear is lies

I come back up for air

Just for your words to sink me again

My unconscious breath

Becoming a zombie

Rotten, mindless, feared

A whisper beacons me

Telling me to come back up for air


I tell myself to enjoy it

For I don’t know when it will happen again

The whisper wakes me from my daze

Telling me to go on

To live another day

To live a better life


My path is becoming clear

As I rise above the water

Sinking other people's words

That used to once torture me

I am a warrior

Brave, fearless, and smart

No one can tear me down

I fall

Once again

Just to be picked back up

By the people I have surround myself with

The whisper becomes a scream

Encouraging me to follow my dreams

I do

The path I have made

Will not allow me to lose my footing

My friends

My family

My future

They are my dreams

They are what allows me to go on

I drink a glass of water

Thanking myself for not

Sinking back under

In that transparent, lifeless liquid

And rising above

The whisper consumes me

Telling me

Convincing me that

I am a warrior


This poem is about: 
Our world


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