Whiny Hermione


Whiny Hermione liked to groan and complain.

She whined when it was sunny. 

She whined when it rained,

and Monday through Sunday, 

it didn’t matter what day,

Hermione would groan 

she didn’t get her way.


“I don’t like this pizza. 

It has too much cheese,

and this salad’s repugnant, 

get rid of it please!

I won’t wear this dress! 

The colors aren’t right!”

Please take it away! 

Get it out of my sight!”.


At school you could hear her 

at the top of her voice,

“I don’t like these subjects. 

They’re just not my choice!

Reading and writing 

and math are so boring!

I’d rather be sleeping 

or outside exploring.”


On the playground Hermione 

was by far, at her worst!

She cried when she was last 

and griped when she was first.

She’d stand in the corner 

and pout and protest,

so the children considered 

Hermione a pest!


Soon no one would play 

with Hermione at all,

not jump rope, or hopscotch, 

or any game with a ball.

They completely ignored her 

as she whined and she wailed,

but soon they all noticed 

that her demands were curtailed.


For some reason she grew speechless, 

it was something quite rare,

yet they still didn’t like her, 

so not one child would dare

to ask why she was so grumpy 

and sad every day,

so they continued to ignore her 

and not let her play.


Her mother was puzzled 

but pleased with this change

though she knew that Hermione 

was acting quite strange.

No ranting or raving, 

no protesting from Hermione!

Hermione was silent, 

not crabby and whiny!


Then one day when Hermione 

was sitting outside,

she wished she could find 

someone with whom to confide.

But no one would listen, 

they had other things to do.

Until one little girl said, 

“I’ll talk to you.


Why are you so sad 

and grumpy Hermione?

Why do you grumble 

and why are you whiny?

Why can’t you be happy? 

Are things really that bad?

Why can’t you just laugh 

and not be so sad?”


Hermione was baffled. 

She thought no one cared.

Never before had anyone dared

to ask such a question 

or be sympathetic this way.

No one was concerned 

with what she had to say.



“Hermione! Hermione! 

I dislike that name!

It’s unpleasant! It’s difficult 

to spell and it’s lame!

How would you like it 

if your name was Hermione?

That’s why I complain! 

That’s why I am whiny!”


Then the little girl laughed 

so hard that she cried,

and Hermione was embarrassed 

and a bit mortified.

“You think that Hermione 

is such a horrible name?

Well let me tell you, 

mine will put yours to shame!


My name is Persnickety, Petula, Pearl Ann,

but because it’s so long 

everyone just calls me Pan!

Can you just imagine 

the jokes that I hear?

Well let me just tell you 

Hermione my dear,


Your name is just darling, 

to me it’s divine!

Let’s trade, I’ll take yours,

and you can take mine!

Hermione sounds elegant, 

like a princess or queen!

A Pan is a pot! 

Do you see what I mean?


I used to protest that 

they gave me that name,

but if you promise to stop, 

I’ll do the same.

Be proud of your name. 

It’s no reason to hide.

But please call me Persnickety. 

I do have my pride!”


Now Hermione and Persnickety 

don’t whine like before.

Neither of them 

is ashamed anymore.

They don’t try to hide 

or cover up how they feel,

and their names are no longer 

a very big deal.


So if you’re grumpy and whiny 

because of your name,

remember that someday 

it may lead to fame.

For two girls on the playground, 

it turned out that way,

Now it’s Queen Hermione 

 and Princess Persnickety today. Susan J.

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