Which one of us would be the first to feel those 6 shots?



Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

Blacker the berry, the deeper the roots.

Blacker the berry, the more it's dehumanized by its own kind.

Blacker the berry, the more it's harder to find.

Blacker the berry, the worse it is to those with simple minds.


My skin is dark 

and your smart remarks such as "You're black as hell"

goes through one ear and out the other leaving no marks.


I am black:

or am I a different kind to you?

No, I'm not mixed or light skinned like you.

No, I'm not bright with curly "good hair" like you.

I'm black as hell

I'm hard to see at night

In the dark, I'm out of your sight.

I'm black as hell and Im proud to not be light.


Your words don't hurt me,\

but I'll still put my shit to the side and fight.

It's not what you say that get me so tight.

It's that YOU are the one saying it, and it just ain't right.

You're black too, just not as hell.

Yea, in the dark we can see you very well.

The white mans eyes couldn't even tell

whether you was his kind or mine.

Yes, yoou can say a few jokes or two,

but degrading and dehumanizuing your own is where you've cross the line.


If we were both trying to steal in the candy store

who would be the first to get caught?

We are both black.

I'm black as hell...You're black, just not as hell.

If we were running down the street from the cops

which one of us would be the first to feel those 6 shots?

This poem is about: 
My community


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