which head did you use

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 17:54 -- Cece22

which head did you use
the one on you neck or the one at the waist
a discrace what a waist of my mind body and time because the head on your waist
has a different agenda each time
my o my why o why
which head did you use
no you got a baby
with this lady
the head on the waist says that does't fase me
which head did you use
when it can cost your life a big heavy price one moment please
which should i use that lings me to this thing called a female not noing her at all
from adam or from eve
from tracy to steve
dick and harry
lucy and marry
but i dont care cause the head on my waist doesnt fase me that dramactic feeling get me going almost knowing that im risking my life female or male
when i do this action i say my dick is for sale but o well because i only care about that feelin
i did anonymous sexual healing
what head did i use
what the hell i like to female and a male too
what head did i use
i get that damn test when i kept saying my dick is for sell
what head did i use '
and now i got HIV
you sure you wanna screw me

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The title of this poem raises an interesting question, and it persuades the reader to dive into the poem to figure out how you choose to answer it, causing them to learn an important lesson about a crucial issue. Well done!


thanks i appreciate your comment

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