Where is your Mask? by ANAMM KING Hillsborough


Where is your mask? I asked.

“There’s no supply,” was the reply.

Then take any old cloth and make a mask,

Fold and mold a cover and start acting sober!”!

To the one that over my shoulder hovered,

“Why isn’t your face covered?”

“I’m only out a little while and it crimps my style.”

“Will you find it vile when your grandpa Kyle

Gets sick? “

“Cover up ,make it worth your while.”

“Ok young man ,your face I scan and there’s no mask.”

He said deadpan, ”I’m not a fan of the smile ban

Not my plan ,ever in my life span.”

Oh! macho men you think like hens with your heads cut off.

Real men wear masks because real men love others.



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My community
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Annette M Velasquez

A very interesting, unique and original style... Your wording, rhyme scheme and structure is " different" but refreshingly so. The poem is honest and descriptive.

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