Where will you be when the stars fall on dixie?

Life is strange

We are a country divided by tension

Held together by nationalism

Protected by patriotism

And repulsed by any mechanism 

That doesn't fit into our system

A strange place indeed

Where greed is masked by the disguise of ambition

To feed the need of politicians and crooked pieces glued into position

I'm telling you some of these pieces don't belong

Far be it from me to give any degree of cristism to the powers that be

I may be out of my league

and not in my pedigree to speak on the Monopoly

But I know when something's on top of me,I'm no fool

Some of my people are missing with no trace 

And the investigations hold no weight

Children with hair like mine found in gym mats

Without lungs to exhale or hearts for blood to circulate

Coincodinces don't just eviscerate

Tear people and dreams wide open

Just to excavate the life, his mother 

Would give her own just so it wouldn't be descrated

But nonetheless it was desemated, Lord rest his soul

I know this message may sound irrate 

I don't mean to stir hate or to false accuse any race

As a whole for any state xenophobia that takes place

Because prejudice is in our nature

But this hatred is in our face

At our doorstep

Knocking,ringing,kicking our door down

Bursting at the seams all just to ask

"Where will you be when race war stars falls on dixie?"

For every soul caught by the branches of intolerance

For every child who never made it home

For every smart negro who never got a scholarship

For every slave of every race buried under stone

Will you avenge them?

Will you break the obstacles in front of you?

Pay no attention to the waves of antipathy and animosity

Make no mistake they will find you and drown you they will

Until you're either taken under by despondency

Or triggered to madness,you must float on and keep your head

For the tsunamis of preconception miss no shore in this life

This strange life where the stars fall on dixie

And the roads are segregated

by how greener the grass is on the other side



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Our world
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