where we go

I wake up

no lights

just warmth

The heat under our cover fills the room


I turn over

no words

just calm

The way you sleep brings sun to my dark


You feel my motion

Yearn for my touch


I wonder if you love me anymore


I close my eyes

light inhale

Where we are

There aren't any questions


I sit

feeling the coma

our love provides

Drifting far away from near


I feel

Long breaths lure me in to your arms

I know

Logic careless and I succumb


I think

In the depths of slumber

My anxious mind wonders

and the darkness awakes


I fret

Your love

is a mirage

I am not truly alive


She takes me by the hand

I do not protest

and we find the epicenter of my insecurities

his indifferece


I watch

a listless version of me

melancholic him

souless vessels with no light


We drift

deep in time

seeking my transgression

Where his charm is my decay


I ponder

If my dark can see his flame

A glance

In this moment I awake


I lay

his warm fills me

She is gone

I am beautiful once more


I awake

my sun reaches out

encases my container

our spirit champions all




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