Where is the Unity in the Home of the Brave?

I walk into the coffee shop      like I usually do

As I ask for the usual               tea and croissant

I see in the corner                    the conflict of red and blue.

Their voices start to raise        as they listen to respond

Instead of to understand;         strife surrounds the two.


I get up to leave                       shaking my head in sorrow,

I just don’t understand             how this is productive.

Walking down the street          I see signs that say tomorrow

We will all be in despair          if either one is elected.


Two people on the street         standing opposite each other

Scream “racist”                      “homophobe” and “extremist”

Not ever truly                          seeing one another.

How do insults                        solve the problem?

How can you say                    you’re accepting, I just have to wonder,

When you can’t accept          that I don’t share your view?

Why is she a thief,                 when she just wants to help the kids with no mother.


Why do we view people        as just their sexuality and skin?

Why am I insulted                 for voting my conscience?

Yet I also find myself            judging them when marching begins.

The problem is that               we’ve forgotten how we should be treated

So we don’t treat others        how they should’ve been.


Someone needs to break       the cycle of hate

No matter what                     the cost may be,

We need to work together,    we can no longer wait.

Once one brave soul             speaks up in tears

Soon others will follow,       and set things straight.


When the divide is over, the nation no longer depraved,

Then “the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

This poem is about: 
My country


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