Where the Thoughts Come From

I think in differnet places.


Calculus is in the crinkled skin of my forehead

and tight at the apex of my scalp


Marching is in my bones

and meaty joints


Music is in my eyes and mouth

And at best, tense in my larynx and core


Writing hovers riotously in my belly

And spills from my twitching palms


The hard sciences are in the air

And I grasp for them


Art is in my soft yielding heart and

my miming mouth and brow


Stress is coiled around my uppermost vertebrae 

sharply poking into between my shoulders and lower in the small of my back


Procrastination is in the biceps and

the weak chin


Inferiority is in my viscera and

more painfully in my tendons


My loves are in my lungs

like liquid


My grief is in my throat

like choking


My fears are in my thighs

They tremble


And it spreads from there.



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