Where Narcissus Ends Up...

Where does the handsome Narcissus belong

In our new modern century?

When in ancient times, the man had been 

Left staring at himself in serenity. 


Perhaps an actor, he might be, 

For more adoring fans would only enrich his treasury. 

But really, being bossed around by a script would be a disservice. 

No, acting would be too rudimentary. 


Then instead, Narcissus could be a model,

For what other way is there to flaunt blessed looks so successfully?

But unfortunately, such a career would only disappoint

His straightlaced, godly pedigree. 


No, none of these careers could ever suit the beautiful Narcissus. 

Because he requires his penchant obsession to be primary. 

So Narcissus found satisfaction in politics and is now sitting 

In a old, large White House, as powerful as can be. 

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My country
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