where the mindstuff lives

splashes of blues & purples stain 
the inkbled scene swirling in
vortex of winding timesoul, this
is where the mindstuff lives. 

here i am wicked, soft & airy. 
nothing exists so i am everything. 
you are here too, doesn’t your
soul feel far away and everything?

scratches of purebrightwhite 
drip down, down forever.

(imagine you’re a third party 
observing yourself at this very
moment. your thoughts, your 

here i know you, more 
special than the elements that
form you. atoms bow to
your existence. 

here you know me, no
longer aching from 
human loneliness, crippling
agony unfulfilled. 

mindful eternity blames none.

o could my blue&purple world exist? 
could the soul float on, perfect,
levelheaded, thankful, quiet in the
forever realm even now?

question to answer question:

who was the you & 
who was the observer? 



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