Where I'm From: Inspired by George Ella Lyons


I am from yellow taxi's

From Razzels and Bear Icey's

I am from the cement fields under the spotlight

(Crowded, smells like roasted peanuts)

I am from the Daffodils

The Mums

Whose pedals are no longer their own like rain drops in a flowing creek

I am from Adobo and hoop earrings

From Michele and Saul

I am from the Quien te manda's

And the Ah pue's

From the I'll give you a reason to cry's

I am from the seventh day and the risen King whose path is that less traveled

I am from the Washington Bridge and the Caribbean Seas

Pernil and Coquito

From the agent orange that stole my grandfather's legs and later his life

The aborted brother I never had the chance to meet

Rose embroidered photo albums stacked on endless shelves

Hallways of past and present

A sea of Afro Sheen and bell bottoms with

Memories I have long forgotten

I am from the days of rekindled romances and no regrets

From single working mothers who gave life a second chance

So I may have the opportunity to succeed



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