Where I'm From

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 19:29 -- nat

From where I’m from

Summer fights with Winter

And Spring cries over Fall

A little girl confident and energetic ready to make friends –or so Aurora would say- meets a little girl that is shy and can hardly pronounce her own name. School was so different from home. The teachers were nice but everything was so unfamiliar. My classmates called their babysitters’ nanny; I called mine Aurora and I didn’t even understand that Aurora was my nanny until years later when someone finally explained to me what a nanny was. Things really were different at home… fitting in was something that used to come so naturally. But slowly, and then all at once, my school self became my home self, or rather I lost the sense of self all together. Those summer days fought long and hard against those cold winter days… and eventually… they reconciled. But only to form the Spring and Fall. That little girl wasn’t a little girl anymore and her name and nanny were the least of her worries. Now, Spring is crying over Fall and Fall is trying its best. Spring always wants to bring me down and it laments losing those Fall days where everything was so fresh and new, where I could start from zero and work my way up. Back then, when summer was fighting with winter, Love was fighting with resentment. But now, as Spring cries over Fall, depression cries over hope.

From where I’m from

Sunflowers grow tall

But only to bend

There’s a lot that I could write about –and I have it all handwritten already- but from where I’m from, none of it matters. Because the more you try to approximate an intangible feeling, the further away you get from the actual truth of it. 


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