Where I'm From


I’m from white church dresses and blue paint, From bleach that helped wash out the stains, From hair bows my mom would put in my hair because “it’s cute”, I’m from pink and purple flowers that grew in my grandma’s garden, From the blue kitty pool I’d play in on a hot summer’s day, From the rusted old swing set I loved, I’m from the blue-green waters of Florida’s coast, From where I learned jelly fish aren’t like toys, you can play with I’m from the two women who taught me everything I know, From the Ancheta family, I’m from the saying “Let the angels keep you safe”, From “EMILY NICHOL MIRANDA ANCHETA!” every time I’m bad, I’m from rice and beans my grandmas favorite dish, From yummy lunchables I’d take with to Pre-K, I’m from grandpa’s farm which made me learn to work hard, From my first kitty named Angel to the two cats she had that I still have, I’m from old photo albums locked away in my treasure chest, From the gold bracelet that my mom gave me I wear everyday.




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