Where I'm From

I am from the tribe.

From the ancestors and animals.

My skin betraying

the darkness it should be. 

I am from the native, 

yet I am also from the irish man. 

I am from the mix. 


I am from the head dress, 

That drowned me when I was young

Yet rests like a crown upon my head now.

I am from the fire, 

Where I listened to Anuha tell us stories

Of who we really are. 

I am from the earth. 


From "Little white dove, 

so eager to fly."

From endless games of hiding stones of colors 

And hide and seek.

From the stones covered in sweet sap I received before I left, 

and the paint on my face to confirm my belonging. 


I am from the rock, 

From the chalk inside my nails. 

I'm from calloused hands, 

and raw bloodied knuckles. 

From the air, the stone, the rubber tipped shoes, 

Keeping me clinging to the surface. 


I'm from my ancestors. 

From the colored smoke of ancient ceremonies. 

And tattoos on deep dark skin. 

From "What do you want to be when you grow, little one?"

To replying simply "Happy."


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