Where I'm From

Where I'm from you can walk outside and see the stars at night,

Run into trees when you open the door

Hear the birds chirping from inside,

Where I'm from people you don't even know smile and wave,

Where I'm from strangers say hello like you're old friends,

Where I'm from everyone seems happy.

But see where I'm from homosexuality is also the biggest sin you can commit,

Women carry pepper spray in their bags just to feel safe when they go to buy groceries,

Where people kill people kill people based on the pigment of their skin,

Where I'm from judgment is normal but I judge the people who judge me so who am I to say judgment is wrong but who are we to judge when only God can judge us,

Where I'm from people still can't live together in harmony.

Where I'm from people see skin color instead of stars,

Run into the dead bodies of homosexuals but still see no consequences for the murderer,

Where you hear political issues instead of chirping birds,

Where when strangers say hello you grab a weapon,

Where I'm from the stars represent the people who die from injustice.

This is my home, 

This is where I'm from.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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