Thu, 12/18/2014 - 14:15 -- hoa

I was from the pricks of a pumpkin leaf’s stem,

gathering near the ant hills,

allowing them to crawl from my arms to my hem.


I was from the place, where I saw a really nice boy,

So I tried to make myself look pretty with my DIY bangs,

but there was another who had offered me toys.


I was from the place where the smell of a motor is really vivid,

I can taste the sweetness of sugar-canes from all of those years,

I can taste the warmth and love from homemade egg rolls.


I was from the place you could smell rotten and fallen birds.

Where birds would chirp for their abandoned mothers,

and where a newborn bunny lost its life to my sister’s shoe.


I was from the place we went to a big carnival.

It was my 6th birthday, but I didn’t reach the height requirement,

I was sad and despised the bumper cars


Now I am from the skyline of downtown,

the starry lights from the windows

and hear the closeness of airplanes,

Now I’m from Charlotte.


Rafaela Michelle Pina

I like you poem Hoa ;)


A pretty good poem there are some things missing it feels but I still like it, A for you.

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