Where I'm From.

Where I’m From                           

By: Jasmine Vang.


I’m from the Charlotte Airport, feeling the people touching and pushing us.

I’m from the airplane, seeing the runway while we're still waiting.

I’m from the Southwest airplane seeing the plain grassland.


I’m from this airplane, tasting the food and drinks.

I’m from the California Airport, seeing the people talking loud and kids screaming.

I’m from the luggage place, waiting for our bags to come.


I’m from the airport’s bathroom, eww it stinks and its dirty as always.

I’m from the house in Visalia, big house, small yard, and everything in the backyard.

I’m from the Asian store, buying food for myself.


I’m from the backyard of my cousin’s backyard, smelling the yard and nature.

I’m from playing tag outside at night and tasting the sweat from running and playing.

I’m from the other side of Visalia, my other cousin’s house, big and nice with the animals in the backyard.


I’m from Visalia, things are different here than in North carolina. “Hardee’s” is called “Carl's Jr.”

I’m from hearing babies crying, and tons of things in the airport, ready to head back home and relax and start school again the next day.

I’m from my house where it’s all quiet.

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