"Where I'm From"

I am from up north Maryland, Baltimore

It was only me and my mom

We lived in the cold. My mom suffered a lot

Sometimes I was like, “Is this “the man of steal?”


Up in Baltimore everywhere you go people get shot

There are fights every other day

It was like if they were zoo animals

I was like “What is this?”


I know y’all think this is crazy but it’s my life

but I’m not done

I see this guy get shot, I was like

“That guy got shot, like, BAM For a pair of shoes”


“I was paranoid. I was crazy.”

“I couldn't sleep, I thought I didn't sleep for a year.”

“So I took piles to go to sleep.”

After a while I had forgot


Then we moved to N.C.

Everything started to change.

Thats my life.

Thats where I come from



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