Where I'm From


Spawned into a world of irrational nostalgia.

Animorphs and Geronimo Stilton were where I trotted.

Venturing imaginatively from the dewy garden of Random.

Playing blocks and drawing creatures with a plot of my choice.

Parents’ Hindu Verses were where I blindly walked into,

Escape from which came from imagination beyond belief.

Creativity beyond all but logic: the destination.


I was from a world of Gujurati and English.

I was from a world of two Companies and Home.

I was from a world of “Be social” and “Get straight A’s.”

I was also from a world where school was laying off tons.


Standing on the stage, singing the Indian anthem,

Then dancing, not solo, for the SPCS crowd.

Traveling to India a few times, with little self.

Fusing my mind with impossible cultures.


The tree, cut down, against my good will.

A block tower, toppled, by my own ambition.

Fireworks, sparked, in the road by me.

Science Channel, watched, with invigorating curiosity.


I was from a land of “Relax, it’s okay.”

I was from a land of “You can only play Gameboy for one hour.”

I was from a land of fun trips and Raam’s madness.

I was also from a land that I left at 12.


Am I still here, at Imagination Central?

‘Cause only in Chino did gullibility thrive.

Where have I come from? What am I now?

Never the same. A dynamic Universe.


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