Where I Am From


I am from front loaders,

from Tide and Bounty.

I am from pasta,

from chocolate and memorabilia. 

I am from flowering plums, 

rosemary bushes and avocado trees.

I am from a trampoline,

bouncy like a kangaroo.

I am from the hammock in the back, 

swining like a palm tree's branch.


I am from hating the Dodgers

and loving the Giants.

I am from rooting for the best team,

which implies the Sharks, Warriors, and Steelers.

I am from changing the channel

as soon as a commercial comes on.

I am from being polite

wherever you are. 

I am from Coca-Cola lovers

and Pepsi haters.

I am from a family where saying "No problem"

is like saying a cuss word.


I am from Dawn and Bill's branch,

mayonnaise and garlic.

I am from "If you're not early you're late" ,

and "Wars were fought and lost 

in the time it takes you to get ready."

I am from spaghetti and meatballs,

from corned beef and cabbage.

I am from those memories,

stuck in my head like a song,

Just another leaf of my family tree

                                                                        -Samantha Whalen


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