Where I Am From


I am from farmers and teachers

From too much to drink and the pain that comes from it

I am from many snowmobilies

Heart racing,

As we fly down trail after trail,

My father and I.


I am from strength together.

And fathers who sang their daughters to sleep,

Cultivating a love of music at a young age.


I am from a grandmother's table,

Gathered together with my family,

Eating dinner with the dogs running around,

Passing plates as grandpa talks,

Waiting for the inevitable fight.


I am the band geek,

That leaves for FFA trips

(but always comes home)

I am the writer for women

Who speaks her mind in her poetry,

But who never writes a name.


I am passionate, loyal, and kind,

The giver of love and patience.

(Come to me, darling, and do not fear again.)


I am from generations of stories untold,

Buit of gentleness and much humor

(Remember when?)

(Tell me a story...)


I am music, a spaghetti dinner, the kind casheir, a gift,

Patient, but not so much that I won't lose my temper.

I am a lover fighter, fear, joy, sadness together.


I am all of this from those moments--

Those men who stood strong,

Those women who stood stronger.



This poem was written as a project in an English class. I used a guide set by a teacher, however, I used the guide loosely and this poem is original except the format.

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